Commemoration: 174th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Saint-Martin: a beautiful ceremony full of dignity and emotions


The Collectivity of Saint-Martin, represented by its president, Louis Mussington, its 3rd vice-president in charge of the delegation for human development, Dominique Démocrite Louisy, the secretary general of the prefecture, Fabien Sésé, the parliamentarians, Annick Pétrus and Claire Guion-Firmin, and all the territorial elected officials, commemorated, this Saturday May 28, 174rd anniversary of the abolition of slavery, ratified by national decree, on April 27, 1848 in Paris.  Slavery was definitively abolished in Saint-Martin, a month later, on May 28, 1848. 

To commemorate this founding act of our history, the cultural management of the community has prepared a show with the students of the BCD and the extracurricular. The latter presented skits retracing the highlights of the life and then the emancipation of the slaves. 

Natisha Hanson and her students sang freedom to the sound of Gwo Ka and Lambi by Elié Coquillas and the group of traditional musicians. 

The dancers of the Grain d'Or troupe set the Agrément roundabout on fire, under the protective lantern of Lady Liberty, emblem of Saint-Martin's emancipation. 

The official speeches recalling this dark period of history and the republican values ​​of freedom, equality and fraternity, followed one another before giving way to the tribute paid this year by the community to 6 local personalities who contributed to the emancipation of the Saint-Martin people. 

A stele was erected in their names on the Agrément roundabout. Names listed by the President of the Culture Commission, Valérie Damaseau: Alfred E. VAN HEYNINGEN, Inès BALY, known as Tantante Nez, Siméone TROTT a.ka. Ma'zell, Yvette FLEMING HODGE a.ka Mam Fleming, Nathaniel DAVIS aka Tanny &the Boys, Nathaniel BENJAMIN aka Nat.

The Ponum liberating dance concluded the ceremony. 


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