Press release: The CCISM welcomes the decision of the Prefecture of Saint-Martin not to apply the containment measures on the territory


Saint-Martin devastated by Irma, Saint-Martin bruised during the mistakes of the PPRN, but Saint-Martin resilient and united to face the health crisis which by this second wave wishes to send us to the fund.

The speech of the President of the Republic is clear, we owe it to ourselves to measure the extent and the gravity of the situation but also to urgently take all the necessary measures for the active fight against this pandemic which is occuring us.

If indeed the amplitude of the dissemination is the main reason for the measures announced, it is clear that to date, 3 people are hospitalized, and that 68 others are carriers of the virus at this date. Strengthened by our role as spokesperson, we continue to relay messages of good practice and respect for gestures and barrier measures resulting de facto in this stabilization in the viral progression.

Our island, our population, our economy have already suffered badly, the toll is heavy, but we cannot under any circumstances allow ourselves to assume a triple insularity!

Under the announcement of our President of the possible modulation of measures in the Overseas Departments and territories, we are satisfied to hear and see that our resilience, our demonstrated capacity to mobilize our territory to fight effectively against this pandemic have been taken into account.

Given the stagnation of cases, the approach of the tourist season and the mono-dependent economy of our territory, vector of 80% of our GDP, we hereby relay a strong and responsible commitment resulting in the maintenance or even the strengthening of all the arrangements made in terms of partnership with associations of socio-professionals, field actions to popularize information, communication by all means about measures of distancing and respect for barrier gestures.

Our companies are ready and have already demonstrated their voluntarism in recent months.

Just let us reiterate it.

Our resilience is not an empty word. To undergo another confinement, is synonymous with a death sentence and completion of our economy, and we are aware of it

We thank you on behalf of all the businesses in the region and after examining the statistics for the past few weeks, the figures are stubborn but prove this capacity for regulation and discipline.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the Interprofessional Consular Chamber of Saint-Martin (CCISM) has been engaged, through all its elected officials and employees, in a proactive fight.

We are ready for this new challenge, and we invite you to sit down (in respect of social distancing or by all means of remote communication) to establish the terms of a serene and resilient future in our Frenchy & Friendly Island.

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