IMPORTANT INFO: The EASM and the SAUR call on the users to a reasoned consumption of drinking water


For the past few days, drinking water consumption has been increasing and is approaching the threshold of production capacity (Production: 6700 m3 / day, consumption: 6300 m3 / day). A margin therefore still exists, but vigilance is required.

The EEASM and its delegate SAUR therefore wish to educate users and call for a rational consumption of drinking water so as to limit the risks of shortage in this period of relative drought and deconfinement. This is to avoid over-filling of swimming pools, watering or washing vehicles for example.

This collective awareness could limit the use of targeted cuts in areas where losses linked to leaks are identified and significant but falling under private management.

On the subject of leaks, negotiations are continuing with the private players in charge of supply in the areas managed by Free Trade Union Associations. The EEASM and the Saur are redoubling their efforts so that the situations inherited from the past in these sectors can find operating conditions which do not jeopardize the public water service in Saint-Martin and invite the actors to proceed systematically to the necessary repairs.

The EEASM and the SAUR continue their efforts and their mobilization in order to continue to provide the public water service in the best conditions and thank the users for taking this message into consideration.

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