"Faces of Saint-Martin IV" photography competition: last day for submission of the file!


The Collectivity of Saint-Martin is organizing a Faces of Saint-Martin IV photography competition, whose theme this year is “Amazing Faces”. Surprise us! Amaze us!

The portraits will be unusual, astonishing, extraordinary, extravagant, original by their composition, the staging, the perception or the reflection that they will provoke. The portraits will be placed at strategic locations in Saint-Martin. This artistic approach, through these portraits, also invites residents to rediscover the daily urban space, tourists to stroll through the city and citizens to get involved in showing the cultural and historical assets of this territory.

The photographs will be printed in black and white on large "blue back" paper (such as an election poster or a metro poster) and stuck on the walls of Saint-Martin. The exhibition will not be frozen and will evolve since the posters will peel and tear until they disappear over time, the dissolution also being part of the artistic process of this street art project.

• The competition is open to amateur or professional photographers over 18, residing in Saint-Martin / Sint-Maarten.

• The organizers and members of the jury will not be able to apply.

• The candidates will be selected from their 10 photographs by the selection committee and their works will be displayed in the different neighborhoods.

Submission of application files: before Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 12 noon.

All the information on http://www.com-saint-martin.fr/FACES-OF-SAINT-MARTIN-IV:–Amazing-Faces_Saint-Martin-Antilles_2164.html

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