Aline Hanson School Vocabulary Contest: Total success for the "Spell Me" contest!


The Aline Hanson school at Sandy-Ground closed the final of its big “Spell Me” contest. From CP to CM2, 175 finalists from the schools of Saint-Martin (Omer Arrondell, Clair Saint-Maximin, Emile Larmonie, Elie Gibs, Hervé Williams, Marie-Amélie Leydet, Nina Duverly and Gustavia) clashed in a profusion of words French language at MJC Sandy-Ground.

This project initiated by the elementary school, Aline Hanson, is the result of a joint work with the teachers of the participating schools of Saint-Martin.

The students were rewarded by the sponsors: Bébé and kids, Les P'tits Loups, Buzz, La ferme aux papillons, Le Zoo, Le Yogurt, Le Mini-golf.

The members of the jury were amazed by the level of the selection of the students during this new edition. The project coordinators Paola LAROSE and Jérôme CARLET welcomed this competition as a springboard towards innovation with contextualized words to further anchor the students in their territory, without forgetting that the level this year was high with difficult words!

Congratulations to the referents of the schools, thank you to the members of the jury, to the community, the MJC of Sandy-Ground and to all those who, far or near, made this edition a success!


Here are the results :

>> Classification: CP

1 Richardson Josahia

Aline Hanson

Joseph Bradley

Herve Williams

Yanis Bernard

Clair Saint-Maximin


>> Classification: CE1

Redhead Kylian

Marie-Amelie Leydet

2  JE-Hodeli St Joie

Clair Saint-Maximin

Simon gersline

Aline Hanson


>> Classification: CE2

1 Tanda Asher

Marie-Amelie Leydet

Lexis christie

Aline Hanson

Jourdan Marie-Laure

Omer Arrondell


>> Ranking: CM1

1 Garvlyne Fabien

Aline Hanson

2 James jefford latanya

Marie-Amelie Leydet

3 Cramer Nila

Aline Hanson


>> Ranking: CM2

1 Bouhan Mohan

Herve Williams

2 Dénisha Gumbs

Aline Hanson

3 Scotland mathis

Marie-Amelie Leydet

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