Sentenced to six months in prison for shooting someone


RR, business manager, not quite thirty years old and a native of Guyana, appeared on Wednesday morning before the Saint Martin Criminal Court for having fired three times on June 8 last on an individual and detained a Category B weapon without authorization. 

Supported by a dozen relatives at the hearing, RR continues to cry at the helm. He says he is "sad" to have committed this act but claims to have acted in self-defense. "He threatened my family, I wanted to protect them," he repeats. "We do have the right to defend ourselves, but the response must be proportional to the attack," replied the deputy prosecutor. After deliberation, the court sentenced RR to a sentence of two years in prison, eighteen months of which was suspended, tested for three years with the obligation to care, to work after leaving prison, to get in touch with the victim, compensate him and a final ban on holding a weapon subject to authorization. Continued detention has also been ordered. RR was transferred in the afternoon to prison in Guadeloupe. 

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