EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Allocation of scholarships to trainees of the State Diploma of Assistance – Caregiver training


As a leader in professional training, the Community wishes to financially support trainees, pupils and students pursuing health and social training in training establishments approved by the COM, and whose level of resources is insufficient in relation to their charges, subject to meeting certain conditions.

To escape the situation of precariousness and increase their employability, these job seekers have chosen to follow training, and, thus, take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Community's systems. For 2023/2024, 84 application files were received and 24 trainees entered training after positioning tests and interviews. Thus, the Community, through this new professional training system, financially supports trainees, pupils and students enrolling in health and social training.

By decision of the executive council of February 15, 2024, the COM will advance the total sum of €92 for the year 900,00-2023 for 2024 trainees who have applied for the scholarship. A reimbursement of €20 will be made by the FSE and the remainder payable by the Community is €78, or 965,00% of the cost of the system. The amount of the scholarship per trainee varies between €13 and €935,00, or between €15 and €1 per month depending on the level of the scholarship.

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