TERRITORIAL CONTINUITY / Christmas holidays: LADOM reimburses a return plane ticket for overseas students


The Overseas Mobility Agency (LADOM) announced this week the reimbursement of a return plane ticket to allow overseas students to spend the Christmas or summer holidays with family, in the framework of the Passport for Study Mobility (SME).

This measure is part of the decisions of the Interministerial Committee for Overseas Territories presented last July as part of territorial continuity. During the Christmas and summer holidays, LADOM provides a return plane ticket for overseas students. “Symbolically, Philippe Vigier, Minister Delegate for Overseas Territories, wanted this first measure to benefit young overseas students supported by the Overseas Mobility Agency. It should allow them to spend time with family at the end of the year or to do an internship,” specifies LADOM. This aid concerns new high school graduates and students aged 26 years maximum, residents in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin, Saint-Barthélemy, Guyana, Réunion or Mayotte, attached to a tax household not exceeding €26.631 on the last notice of taxation. This system is in line with LADOM's reinforced missions which will continue in 2024. This involves 100% support by LADOM for the round trip (France-DROM) of overseas students from the holidays Christmas or summer. For the end of 2023, financial support will be provided on the basis of a reimbursement. For Saint-Barthélémy, high school students in the second cycle of secondary education can also apply for Student Mobility Passport assistance. In 2022, this system made it possible to give a “helping hand” to 9.276 students (including 83% scholarship recipients) for a total of 16.191 journeys and a budget of €14.84 million. It should be noted that the Passport for study mobility is not the only “helping hand” system aimed at students. LADOM is piloting two other more recent schemes: the Mobility Passport for professional internships and Cadres d'avenir Mayotte and Guadeloupe / Saint-Martin which have respectively already helped 480 overseas students in 2023. _VX

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