"Contribute to the restoration of a normal life", the mission of the 2018 carnival


The carnival of Saint-Martin will take place. This time, the various events and musical entertainment will take place on the seafront of Marigot.

The program for this 2018 edition is certainly short but it brings together the main constituents of the carnival: music and parades. Two free concerts are planned on the seafront. The first, the Bacchanal Launch, will take place on Saturday evening in the evening with local and international groups. And the second with an anthology of artists from Saint-Martin, Monday evening. The carnival will include three main parades: that of children on Sunday, the Jouvert, Monday morning and that of mardi gras. New this year: a Jump Up (tumbled) on Wednesday evening in the streets of Marigot. A mini parade was also added for the launch on Saturday 10. The committee also invites all those who want to be part of this procession to present themselves at 10 pm at the starting point: the Vanterpool stadium.

The committee's mission with this 2018 carnival is a little different from other years. "Beyond the promotion of culture, it is a question of contributing to the restoration of a normal life on the island" affirms Lucianna Raspail the president of the committee of the Carnival festivities of Saint-Martin. (More details on www.soualigapost.com)

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