Coronavirus / To date, the results remain unchanged: Saint-Martin: 2 confirmed cases including 1 evacuated to Guadeloupe Saint Barthélemy: 2 confirmed cases


In Saint Martin, 1 patient is still hospitalized and his clinical condition remains stable. The second patient was evacuated to Guadeloupe for more suitable care. None of these patients are on intensive care at this time.

“Stay at home” to help our healthcare professionals

We continue to call for the greatest kindness and solidarity from everyone in order to apply and respect the national guidelines. The awareness of containment must be immediate, in responsibility;

ARS opens a contact platform from this afternoon and referral of symptomatic COVID-19 patients to facilitate the work of Center 15 in order to preserve its capacity to respond to life-threatening situations. The number to dial is 05 90 99 14 74 from 8 a.m. to 18 p.m. 7 days a week. The platform mainly aims to educate the population on the Covid epidemic7, strengthen city-hospital coordination, offer a telemedicine solution to healthcare players in order to better monitor patients while reducing patient-caregiver contacts as much as possible, contributing disseminate prevention messages to slow down the epidemic (containment, barrier measures). This platform is set up with the help of Health Insurance, voluntary health personnel and the CRF.

Why is screening not systematic?

The ARS doctors recall that systematic screening for the entire population would not bring any benefit for people with mild forms and would put the laboratory, by a massive influx of examinations, potentially causing delays in taking in charge for severe cases. Only people hospitalized with evocative symptoms, certain people at risk and professionals essential to the continuity of service will be able to be the subject of a test.

What is screening?

It is a test looking for the virus in respiratory secretions which can only be carried out in certain specialized laboratories. Samples in the city may be taken by voluntary doctors on a quota basis in order to assess the level of circulation among people with little symptom.

Respecting containment and barrier measures are the best ways to stop this virus to date.


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