Coronavirus: The online platform allows you to assess your symptoms and orient yourself…


The site, referenced by the Ministry of Health, allows all those who think they are infected with the coronavirus to take an anonymous and free “test” consisting of 24 questions on its symptoms (fever, cough, respiratory discomfort, muscle aches …) But also on his medical history or his age.

The Ministry of Solidarity and Health has validated an algorithm co-developed by the Institut Pasteur and the APHP making it possible to direct, via digital tools, people who think they have been exposed to the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Limit worries and unclog Samu

The purpose of this test is to limit the concerns of too many French people who wonder whether or not they could have contracted the Covid-19. And in fact, to reduce the multiplication of calls to the Samu.

Not a diagnosis, an assessment

To take this anonymous and free test, all you have to do is log on to the site and answer the twenty-four questions on their symptoms (fever, cough, respiratory discomfort, etc.), their medical history, their age and their BMI. Thanks to an algorithm developed and updated with the latest scientific knowledge available, in collaboration with specialist physicians and the Pasteur Institute, the site can then tell you whether your situation requires a consultation with your attending physician or an intervention from the SAMU.

Two million connections already

The upload was done in the most total discretion Wednesday March 18 for a “flash experiment”. In three days, the platform recorded more than 600 connections in three days. This Saturday March 000 at the beginning of the afternoon, the figure had jumped to 21 million connections, then 1,4 million at 2 p.m., announced to AFP, Doctor Fabrice Denis, member of the brand new Digital Alliance against Covid-18.

12% of people referred to Samu

But beware, “this is not a diagnosis, it is an assessment of the state of health to know where we should be directed”. Only half of the users completed the twenty-four questions. Among them, 12% were oriented towards the Samu, “a figure which confirms the usefulness of the site in the responsible orientation of patients and the need to continue its deployment to the general public”.


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