Corruption: two arrests in Sint Maarten


In the context of the fraud and corruption case in the port of Sint Maarten, known as Emerald, the anti-corruption brigade of Sint Maarten last week arrested FGR, fifty years old. 

Member of Parliament, he is suspected of tax fraud and of having accepted bribes. He is also suspected of having participated in a criminal organization whose purpose was to recruit votes during elections in his favor. Searches were carried out at Sucker Garden as well as in the French part, in particular at his home. Several documents were seized. The investigation is being conducted by the National Detective Agency of St Maarten under the direction of the prosecution.

The Sint Maarten anti-corruption brigade also arrested 53-year-old JHB. His name appeared in the so-called Larimar investigation, notably concerning the corruption of politicians, public authorities and people in the construction sector. His arrest follows searches at the end of January in a construction company in the Dutch part of which he is the director.

The two suspects, FGR and JBH, were placed in pre-trial detention last Wednesday. They were presented to an investigating judge two days later. The prosecutor subsequently ordered their detention in prison for eight days. (More details on

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