SPOTLIGHT: Inès Noreskal, resident of Saint-Martin, bearer of the Olympic flame in Guadeloupe!


On Saturday June 15, 2024, the Paris 2024 Olympic flame will travel across the entire Guadeloupe archipelago, through several hundred flame bearers. A prestigious mission which will include Inès Noreskal, teacher in Saint-Martin. For us, she returns to her selection.

Faxinfo: Can we get to know you a little better?

Inès Noreskal: “I was born in Guadeloupe. For almost 18 years, I have lived in Saint-Martin. I am a mathematics teacher at Mont des Accords college. I am married and mother of four children.

FI: How did you learn about your selection as an Olympic torchbearer?

IN: “In November 2023, I received an email from a private partner of the Paris 2024 Committee asking me to apply to carry the flame during its visit to Guadeloupe. I carefully filled out a file and three months later (February 2024, editor's note), the good news came, my application had just been accepted!

FI: What was your reaction to this announcement?

IN: “At the time, I was really surprised. It's a bit like playing the lottery. Out of the more than 100 applications, I really didn't think mine was going to be successful. Somehow, it is a great pride to be able  experience such a historic moment.”

FI: What does the Olympic flame mean to you?

IN: “The Olympic flame is above all the symbol of universal values, those of the Olympic Games (friendship, respect, excellence, etc.) and the Paralympic Games (determination, equality, inspiration, courage, etc.). But also humanist values ​​such as the unifying dimension of sport, of which it is a formidable symbol. Important values ​​in everyday life which I wish to share with my children but also with my students.”

FI: Ready for the big day?

IN : “I have to reach Guadeloupe on June 14. On Saturday June 15, the flame will pass through the four corners of the archipelago. To this day, I do not yet know the name of the town or the location of my passage with the Olympic flame. One thing is certain, it will be a wonderful moment of sharing. I can’t wait to savor it.” _AF


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