World Cup 2018: Philippe Morel's mood post live from Russia (Episode 2)


It was in Ekaterinburg, a border town between Asia and Europe that we found, Philippe Morel, very happy to have witnessed with his family, the new victory of the French team against Peru (1-0 ), synonymous with qualification for the knockout stages of this 2018 World Cup. He gives us his impressions…

“After Kazan, we therefore headed for Yekaterinburg, which is located on the border between Europe and Asia, at the foot of the Urals. This city is best known for having been the ultimate destination for the family of Tsar Nicolas II, executed there in 1918. The opportunity for us to visit the imposing Cathedral on the Spilled Blood, built in 2003 in honor of the last royal family of Russia. An essential passage for the many tourists present in this city steeped in history!

The hour passes, it is now high time to reach the city center where the Ekaterinbourg Arena is located, a sports venue for the less impressive with stands built on scaffolding, placed behind each goal, with a height of more 40 meters and located… outside the stadium. Thrills guaranteed!

Side atmosphere, there again, we were not disappointed with the trip! Fair play obliges, Peru largely won the supporters' match throughout the 90 minutes. The 25 or so fans of “Los Incas” have created a crazy atmosphere, perhaps even the most beautiful since the start of the World Cup. On the French side, it is impossible for us to compete. No matter, living such popular fervor, believe me, it is something unforgettable!

After our strong emotions, it's time to prepare for our new journey. Namely, a journey lasting about 25 hours by trans-Siberian train to reach Moscow. Yes, we do not change a winning team. We will be present this Tuesday, June 26, to attend the France-Denmark meeting at the Luzhniki stadium, which will also host the World Cup final on July 15. Go the Blues and see you soon Saint-Martin! ”. _AF

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