Water cuts: production has resumed on two lines


In its latest press release from this Monday, October 30, SAUR informs the population that water production has been restored to 2/3 of normal.

Saint-Martin has been without water since last Saturday. The cause is power outages due to rain, deterioration in the quality of pumped water due to swell and condensation in electrical cabinets. If SAUR agents work tirelessly to repair the network, no timetable for a return to normal can be put forward at this stage.

Monday October 30 at 14:45 p.m., the level of the Galisbay head reservoir is sufficient and allows supply to the Mont des Accords reservoir, SAUR declares in a press release. However, the current replenishment of water will be very gradual, the points furthest from the reservoirs will remain out of distribution longer than the nearby points. Priority is given to a return to power supply to the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center and the EPAHD.

SAUR Saint-Martin invites its most remote subscribers to organize themselves accordingly: a drinking water distribution ramp is currently accessible at the UPEP in Galisbay to allow the public to access drinking water.


At 18h45, SAUR informed the population that the return to drinking water supply continues on the basis of the network served by the Mont des Accords reservoir, the first to have been postponed due to the emergency linked to the hospital center and EPAHD (Concordia – Terres Basses). All areas are in the process of reopening in this sector.

Simultaneously, the supply of the Morne Valois reservoir is underway in order to restore supply to the eastern part of the island. Here again, the return of water will be gradual.

As a reminder, this gradual return is motivated by two essential factors: the stock of available water and the need to secure the pipes which do not cope well with excessive pressure deltas.

The SAUR Saint-Martin teams remain mobilized to increase production capacity which is still at 2/3 of its nominal capacity.

Nighttime outages may be necessary if the levels do not allow the distribution of drinking water to be maintained, users are therefore encouraged to consume responsibly.


WARNINGS, when water is refilled, a brown color may appear, this is directly attributable to the stagnation of water in the networks. SAUR Saint-Martin naturally recommends that you do not use it and leave it running for a few minutes to purge the network.

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