Sectoral cuts to the Drinking Water Network: The Association of Landowners of Lowlands is coming up


In order to overcome the technical difficulties in producing water for which it is solely responsible, SAUR, through the Community and the EEASM, has taken discriminatory measures aimed at cutting off the distribution of water in certain private housing estates.

The Association of Landowners of Lowlands, although it has never built the slightest water network on its territory, notes that SAUR has unilaterally decreed that the drinking water network which is located inside the Terres-Basses, was a private network even though the vast majority of properties in Terres Basses are not  supplied with city water, each co-lot doing its own water supply (cistern, drilling, desalination).

A small minority of lots is, however, a client of SAUR from a pipeline which can only be public since ASL des Terres Basses never asked for it.

This drinking water network of a significant diameter, crosses the Lowlands, moreover  without right or title, to supply mainly the Pointe des Canonniers wastewater treatment plant which is also supplied with wastewater by a pipeline which is also located on the  ASL site, without right or title.

The history of ASL des Terres Basses wants its creator M. LAWAETZ to market the entire housing development without carrying out a VRD, contenting himself with drawing dirt roads as roads. No water or electricity pipeline existed.

As for the history of the Terres Basses d'eau water pipeline, it reveals:

- that its presence is concomitant with the Pointe aux Canonniers WWTP,

- that it is compulsory in order to supply water to the Pointe aux Canonniers WWTP, which cannot function permanently without water under high pressure for several hours a day,

- that it was built by the municipality at the time, under the supervision of SEMSAMAR, with SOGEA as its main company and partly financed with European funds.

In addition, this network, since its creation, has always been maintained by the various managers of the public network. (SOGEA, Générale des Eaux)

It is only since SAUR benefited from the Saint Martin water contract, that suddenly the water pipes would be a private network.

ASL des Terres Basses therefore wishes to make this modulation to the Collectivité / EEASM / SAUR press release which voluntarily truncates reality and, in all cases, will do what is necessary in order to assert and preserve its rights and those of co-lotis who do not not even benefit from the WWTP, which regularly disfigures and pollutes the Lowlands, since the colotis are required to have an individual septic tank.

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