READERS 'MAIL / No phone or internet: where are the technicians?


“Since April 27, 2015, a large residential area in the Orleans neighborhood in Belle Plaine has no telephone or internet. An incident on the Orange Telecom network is the cause. Despite repeated calls from users and subscribers (by mobile phone) no improvement was noted. (…) By going to the Marigot branch, no one can give us any information. We are offered a phone to dial 1013! The direct debits are however maintained on the scheduled dates. (…) The most surprising thing is to note that the cables that were torn off have still not been replaced. The technical services do not come on site ... remark that I made to 1013 and which made me angry with the agent. So when I hear the 1013 answering machine telling me "all our teams are mobilized to solve the problem", I would like to be shown these technicians! " _LC


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