Race / Swimming: Back to the 3rd edition of the SXM Swimrun 2023


On Sunday April 30, twenty-nine duos took part in the third edition of the SXM Swimrun 2023 covering 12km of running and 2km of swimming in a good mood that delighted the association Tous à l'Ô, organizer of the event represented by Boris Villemin.

With a departure set for 6 a.m. in Galisbay, the 29 pairs headed for the coast towards Friar's Bay for the first swimming test which took them to Happy Bay. Going up to Grand-Case via Anse Marcel by alternating the two disciplines, the finish line installed on the beach of Coco Beach in Orient Bay was crossed by each team happy to have accomplished this great sporting effort.

The big winner of the SXM Swimrun 2023 is none other than the SBH Tri team made up of Stéphane Lenoir and Fabien Husson with a time classification of 1 hour 45 minutes and 42 seconds. The duo also won the challenge of the Northern Islands having also participated in the Saint-Barthélemy event, which hosted 15 teams the previous weekend, scoring a total cumulative time of 3:42:31. In second position in the SXM Swimrun 2023, which finished the race after 1:47:24, the Pina Colada team with Clémence Briche and Pierre Chassaigne, a great mixed team that made the difference. On the third step of the podium, the SXM Tri 1 duo made up of Maxime and Kruszewska and Greg Pigeon with a time of 1:51:24. At the end of this convivial and sporting event which kept all its promises, the Tous à l'Ô association warmly thanks the volunteers and sponsors without whom SXM Swimrun 2023 would not have been possible: the Usine store and One Love Family for their unwavering support since the creation of the association, Coco Beach for its welcome and its breakfast which invigorated the participants, Rancho Del Sol for the briefing drink and the healthy menu, Esmeralda Resort which offered preferential rates to athletes came from elsewhere. Not to mention the partners who have made it possible to offer unforgettable prizes: Grand Vins de France, Lavazza, Voyager, the blue raft, Bikini Watersport, B52, Caribbean Paddling, Wind adventures, Bubble Shop, the Astrolabe, the Java, the diving board , Yellow beach, cherry time, Dauphin Telecom, Discover CrossFit, Girocoptere. Congratulations again to all for this magnificent edition of the SXM Swimrun 2023! _VX



The top 5 of the SXM Swimrun 2023 ranking:

1- SBH Tri 1:45:41

2- Pina Colada 1:47:24

3- SXM Tri 1 1:51:24

4- Retro Rally Group 1:53:02

5- SXM Tri 2 1:53:09


The first 5 of the Challenge des Îles du Nord ranking

(the teams which therefore took part in the two events in Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin):

1- SBH Tri 3:42:31

2- Pina Colada 3:50:51

3- SXM TRi 1 3:58:20

4- Retro Rally Group 4:09:57

5- Sxreme Green Lantern 4:12:29

Find the complete results on the Facebook page of the SXM Swimrun 2023 event or Tous à l'Ô.

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