Covid-19: The health situation is clearly improving in Saint-Martin!


The epidemiological indicators for Saint-Martin suggest a clear improvement in the health situation but still call for vigilance.

For the week of January 24 to 30, the ARS counted 197 new cases of Covid-19 on the territory, against 566 the previous week. The number of cumulative cases of coronavirus confirmed in Saint-Martin since the start of the health crisis stands at 9621.

Note that since last Monday, 27 new cases of Covid-19 have already been recorded out of 442 analyzes carried out.


Sharp drop in indicators

According to SI-DEP ARS data, the incidence rate is down to 551,1/100 population, from 000/1583,4 from January 100 to 000. The weekly positivity rate is also declining, with a rate of 17% from January 23 to 6,2, compared to 24% the previous week.

It should be noted that 6 confirmed Covid patients are cared for at the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center. A medical evacuation was carried out between 24 and 30 January. Finally, two Covid-19 positive patients have died at the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center in the past two weeks. _AF


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