Covid-19: The tests soon pay off for foreign tourists


Covid-19 screening tests for foreign tourists on French soil will be charged 49 euros for PCRs and 29 euros for antigens, from July 7.

Mass screening for Covid-19 which concerns contact cases and asymptomatic people will become "paying from July 7 for foreign tourists" coming to France, said government spokesman Gabriel Attal to Les Échos published Wednesday evening. They will be billed "up to 49 euros for PCRs and 29 euros for antigens," added Gabriel Attal. Until now, it is social security that has supported the cost of these so-called "comfort" tests.  A considerable cost that no longer needs to be.  "It is a question of reciprocity knowing that these tests are paying in most countries for the French who travel" considers the spokesperson of the government.

The ARS confirms that this decision will also be applied to Saint-Martin. On the Dutch side, screening is indeed already paying. Prices range from $ 55 to $ 80 for an antigen test and from $ 70 to $ 125 for a PCR test. This explains why today the PCR screening centers that are the Marigot drive (behind the Mc Donald) and the Bio Pôle Antilles laboratory (Hope Estate), as well as the establishments authorized to carry out antigenic tests (Sun Pharmacies, Soualiga, Concordia, Bellevue and Caribbean, Doctor Mekki's medical center in Marigot) are very popular with American tourists. 

It remains to be seen how this new measure will be implemented, because, five days from the deadline, the professionals who also incur material and personnel costs to carry out this mission, have not been informed of the modalities of application of this pricing.

More broadly, Gabriel Attal announced that the question of the delisting of so-called “comfort” PCR tests for the French “[would] obviously arise for the start of the school year”.

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