Covid-19: The territorial test offer in Saint-Martin


9 tests were carried out last week in the French part (PCR and antigens).

The test offer on Saint-Martin revolves around the following devices:

• PCR tests, for French or foreign nationals, are carried out by the BioPôle Antilles (BPA) laboratory.

It offers 2 sampling sites:

– A pedestrian drive, located at n°47 rue de la liberté (in the former premises of the LEPERS laboratory), it receives, without appointment, from Monday to Friday.

– A car drive, located in Hope Estate, which receives, by appointment, from Monday to Saturday. The tests are carried out on the territory, making it possible to speed up the turnaround time for results and guaranteeing a higher number of samples (up to 250/day).

• Antigenic tests are available from various health professionals in the territory (pharmacies, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, etc.) making it possible to offer a local test offer.


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