Covid-19: Health pass, controls, vaccination ... what to remember from the announcements of the Prime Minister


Prime Minister Jean Castex spoke yesterday during a press point at the end of a new Defense Council at the Elysee Palace. Here are his main announcements.

The health pass postponed to September 30 for 12-17 year olds

Jean Castex confirmed the postponement of the health pass obligation for 12-17 year olds from August 30 to September 30, for those who want to access certain places. "It was under a strong constraint while the vaccination started later for them," he said.

The health pass will not apply in schools

The Prime Minister confirmed that no health pass will be required to go to a school at the start of the school year. "Our strategy has been from the start to ensure that all children are in school," said Jean Castex.

A week of "pedagogy" for the health pass before the sanctions

Managers of establishments open to the public - including cinemas and museums since Wednesday then cafes and restaurants from August - will have to check the health passes but will not be held responsible in the event of fraud. They will not be in charge of "identity verification," he explained. Jean Castex also announced "a week of teaching" for the entry into force of the extension of the health pass. There will be no penalties during this running-in period for the managers of the places concerned. “Then the time for sanctions will come,” the Prime Minister said.

50 million vaccinated at the end of Augustt

The Prime Minister confirms the new objective of reaching 40 million vaccinated at the end of July, one month in advance, and then reaching 50 million at the end of August. 5 million additional slots will be opened within 15 days.

The vaccinated will no longer be considered as contact cases. They will no longer have to isolate themselves.


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