COVID-19: St / Martin-St Maarten is the 11th most affected territory in the Caribbean


With 1 cumulative cases confirmed since the start of the crisis, the island is the 565th in the Caribbean to be the most affected by covid-11. The territory with the most cases is the Dominican Republic with more than 19 people infected, the one with the least is Anguilla (131 cases).

According to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering, the Caribbean has 266 cumulative cases in 790 islands. The Caribbean Health agency reports indicate between 28 and 10 new cases each week (in 000 countries, including Belize). Five islands concentrate 11% of cases: they are the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Haiti and Guadeloupe, the French island which has recorded 000 cases since March.

With 910 cases, Sint Maarten is the 13th most affected territory and Saint-Martin with 655 cases, the 15th. In relation to the number of inhabitants,  Sint Maarten is the third most affected territory with a ratio of infected people per 3 inhabitants slightly below 1. Guadeloupe is just behind with a ratio of 000. As for the French side, it is in 22th place with a ratio of 20,45. In proportion to its population, the most affected island is Aruba  with 43,75 cases per 1 inhabitants. (

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