LOCAL CREATION: Pop Up Store, exporter of happiness


Inaugurated barely a month and a half ago, the Pop Up Store of ESPA, a well-known local artist, reopened its doors at the beginning of January.

With even more visuals available in postcard format up to 70x100cm, the @export_happiness store located Rue Kennedy in Marigot, just next to the Tea Box, is enjoying great success… well deserved.

To extend the celebration of the first anniversary of the (re) colored marches of Baie Rouge which we told you about in one of our previous editions, the Wall Art St Martin collective is selling 100% local “Baie Rouge” posters of 30x40cm and including € 10 on each poster sold will be donated directly to the Wall Art St Martin association in order to finance the myriad of future projects that the collective has in store for us. Remember that the very principle of the Pop Up Store is that it is certainly scalable but above all ephemeral, so do not delay going there. Art doesn't wait, thank you ESPA. _VX

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