CTOS: The 2019 budget still has a deficit according to the Territorial Chamber of Accounts!


The Territorial Chamber of Accounts suggests in particular increasing the prices of meals and extracurricular activities as well as removing free meals for people working for the CTOS.

The prefect once again seized the Territorial Chamber of Accounts (CTC) about the budget of the territorial fund of school works of Saint Martin (CTOS), considering that that of 2019 was voted in imbalance.

After analysis, the CTC noted an imbalance of - 388 euros. She has just issued a notice asking the board of directors to rectify the budget within one month.

As it did last year at the same time and under the same circumstances (referral to the prefect), the Territorial Chamber of Accounts of Saint Martin emphasizes that the deficit "has existed since at least 2014 and that, despite the increase in the subsidy of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin which went from 8 million euros in 2014 to 9,54 million in 2017 and to 9,66 million in 2018, it has not stopped growing ”. It recalls that it comes from "a particularly high cost of personnel costs, greater than 10 million euros" and specifies that this cost must be "put in relation to the recruitment of executive agents without prior identification of the real need and for a theoretical duration which exceeds the duration of the work carried out ”. She further estimates that the product for the sale of meals is "low, only € 1,2 million per year for around 400 meals produced per year on average".

Last cause of the deficit: "the development of extracurricular activities, the cost of which has not been studied and the invoiced price of which generates derisory revenues for the territorial fund".

In view of this context, the CTC is issuing a series of recommendations aimed at rebalancing the budget of the CTOS, among which the pursuit of the reduction of expenses in the field of installation maintenance "which is no longer directly necessary", she believes, the non-replacement of agents due to retire at the end of 2019, the abolition of the subsidy to the Social Works Committee of the CTOS. This would, she calculated, save 163 euros.

As it did in 2018, the CTC once again recommends reducing the scope of extracurricular activities and transforming the full-time contracts of animation agents into part-time work "to correspond to the reality of the activity" in this field.

Last year, the Territorial Chamber of Accounts had suggested an increase in the price of meals but without quantifying it. This year, it is proposing an increase of 1 euro per meal, which would generate 390 euros in additional revenue. It is the same with the price of extracurricular activities; it proposes to go from a rate of 000 euros per year per child to 50 euros per child per month as is done in certain municipalities of Guadeloupe.

Another recommendation that already appeared in the 2018 opinion, the deletion of "free meals served to the various people working at the CTOS or to external beneficiaries". If these meals were paid, this would allow 195 euros of additional annual revenue according to the CTC (Source Soualigapost).

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