CTOS / The strikers' demands


CTOS and COM agents protested yesterday since the start of the morning in front of the Hotel de la Collectivité. The UTC-UGTG union had filed an unlimited strike notice for Wednesday, January 30.

At the origin of this movement of which it is the third act, the non-renewal of fixed-term contracts of 16 agents of the CTOS (and 17 of the COM). “They were to be appointed incumbents in December 2018 but instead they received a letter of dismissal by La Poste and by bailiff,” she adds. “We are agents, we have our rights” adds another demonstrator.

She specifies that since December, the agents in question continue to work without being paid "so as not to lose their rights". And adds that the protocols signed in 2010, 2012, 2016 and 2018 are not respected.

In the protocol of July 12, 2018 signed between the COM, the CTOS and the local section of UTC-UGTG and the management of the union in Guadeloupe, displayed in front of the two main entrances of the Collectivity, one can read: "the agents recruited without a contract or whose renewal with a date prior to the recruitment date, and those in post for several years (the 16 of CTOS and 17 of the COM, note), will receive a written response to their request accompanied by their decrees of appointment in relation to their situation "

"We want the communication of all orders of appointment, career reconstruction, reclassification following various letters from agents and orders after the opinion and proposal of the CAP and advancement of rank. We want to know the organization of extracurricular and extracurricular activities because we have no information on this. And above all the payment of reminders and increases to the 2017-2018 compensation plan, ”said the union representative. She denounces a “deplorable” organization of services: “we don't understand who is who and who does what”.

Their claims contain eighteen points in total. The demonstrators were waiting to be received by the president of the Collectivity and affirm that they will end their strike when their 18 demands are processed and accepted.

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