CULTURE: 129 people at the Words for Evils show


Presented by the Speedy Plus association on April 27, the show Mots pour Maux played for free at the Théâtre de la Chapelle met its audience.

Before the curtain rose, Calvin Bryan, president of the Speedy Plus association, invited the public gathered at each of the two performances to “live this event with your heart and your brain”. In the introduction, the intervention of Hans Théodore, psychotherapist practicing in Paris, underlined the importance of communication with this key phrase: the path of conscience leads to trust. On the themes developed in the play Mots pour Maux written in fifteen days and played by Quinia Théodore and directed by Fabien Quimpert who plays the role of the violent man during the show, the idea is to live a moment that impacts the individual and do something with it. Words for Evil offers slices of life of a woman who falls and gets up. With strong phrases like "I took back power today", "I knocked down my walls, my landmarks, my prison" or even "When I accepted my past, I understood who I was really”, the public was moved by the life course of this strong and powerful woman, while being sensitized by this existential question which escapes no one: “and you, what is your definition of happiness? ". After the show, an exchange took place between the public and the artists. Several spectators invited the troupe to perform in schools, in order to touch the younger generation on themes as powerful as domestic violence, guilt, illness, carelessness, courage and above all, happiness. The idea of ​​a night show was also floated.

For Quinia Théodore, it is necessary to free speech to allow progress. A precept fully shared by Calvin Bryan who is delighted with the success of this show presented to the population of Saint-Martin. In two performances, 129 people attended Mots pour Maux. _VX

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