CULTURE: Great success for the 3rd edition of the ACS ZEPIN Cultural and Sports Rally


The ACS ZEPIN (Association Culturelle et Sportive ZEPIN) staff met the participants on Sunday May 28, at 7:30 a.m. sharp in the Galisbay car park for a rally like no other that combines historical knowledge of the island and sporting challenges. !

After the delivery of the package, and the marking of the vehicles, a dynamic warm-up took place followed by a choreography on the rhythm of the gwo ka to mark the commemorative date of the abolition of the slave.

So 23 teams set out to tackle the games of yesteryear before setting off in the car, questionnaire in hand, to solve the puzzles and face the various sporting challenges. The enigmas on the historical heritage of Saint-Martin ranged from the pre-Columbian period, the presence of Native Americans on the island to the present day, passing through the period of slavery with a focus on old sugar plantations.

To make the historical discovery of the island more attractive, work outs as well as activities based on games of yesteryear were coupled with the solving of puzzles, delighting children and adult participants alike.

The latter also had to send results in real time via an application to validate points. This year again, the nautical kayaking activity was a resounding success. All of the activities took place in a friendly atmosphere, continuing on to the beach at L'Embouchure with a local lunch and the presentation of cups, medals and prizes to the winners. Five sponsor teams were involved this year: CEPAC Caisse d'Epargne, Sport Fit, Quicksilver, Dauphin Telecom, Pro&Cie.

Beyond the classification, the objective was to have fun with family and friends while discovering the historical and heritage aspects of the island. Successful bet !

Classification of the rally: 1er : The Giant Hutia, 2th : Frigates 3th : Geckos, 4th : The Pelicans, 5th : tied: Dragonflies CEPAC Caisse d'Epargne and Great Egrets, 6th : Leaf grasshoppers, 7th : Les Ramiers, 8th : The Noddi-Bruns, 9th : Les Anolis Pro&Cie, 10th : Coral Ray-cif,  11th : Iguana, 12th : Red-headed fireflies 13th : The Racoons, 14th : Mongooses, 15th : Gongolon, 16th : Quicksilver Spotted Rays, 17th : Groupers, 18th : Lionfish Sport Fit, 19th : Connected Dolphins, 20th : The Hummingbird, 21th : Green monkeys

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