CULTURE: Dance competition: 19 magnificent choreographies


Last Friday, the Regional Dance Federation of Guadeloupe (FRDG) organized at the Théâtre de la Chapelle the second edition of the inter-Caribbean dance competition with 45 very talented dancers.

The president of the FRDG, Lydia Deshauteurs-Botino, wanted to dedicate the competition to two young dancers who were absent, including Cali, 12 years old, who is fighting leukemia in mainland France. With emotion, the president also recalled that the competition proposed by the federation must be an experience, whether or not it is rewarded with a prize, participation and the work accomplished to join the competition are already a victory in itself : “Dear parents, we must help children to cultivate humility in the artistic environment, teach your children to show off, the first prize, they already have it because they are going to go on stage and have worked for it. That’s the secret of dance, the smaller you are, the bigger you are, that’s my way of seeing things.” To judge the 45 participants from four dance structures in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, the jury for this second edition at the Théâtre de la Chapelle had three members: Nicole Suisse, president of the Confédération Nationale de Danse Rhône Alpes, Marco Cattoi, contemporary choreographer and director of the “Just'à 2” company, and Jessica Choppe, character dance teacher at the Paris Opera. Before officially launching the competition, the impatience and stress of the parents were palpable in the room. Once the show started, without any applause between the tables at risk of disqualifying the competitors... competition required, the dancers took turns in different styles (classical, contemporary, hip hop, others) and categories (preparatory, elementary, superior), as an individual, duo or group. Four structures participated in the competition: Temps Danses, directed by Maryline Jouvenet, the Compagnie Ö & co founded by the choreographer Peggy Oulerich, the National Institute of Arts (NIA) of Sint Maarten and the Ajoe association of Saint-Barthélemy. The 19 passages marking this new edition of the inter-Caribbean dance competition delighted the public and touched the jury for an hour and a half. Numerous prizes were awarded including the 1st Inter-Caribbean prize with congratulations from the jury to Dashaun Prince (triple favorite) and the group of 4 dancers from the Ö&co Company (Lya-Sofyïah Lake, Dashaun Prince, Johanna Gata, Anaëlle Delapierre) who leave with a registration for the entrance audition to the major American schools on Tuesday, February 20 in Guadeloupe. 10 candidates (individual, duo or group entry) unanimously won the 1st inter-Caribbean prize (Temps Danse, Cie Ö&co, NIA – 5 prizes in total), 13 participants were awarded the 1st inter-Caribbean prize (6) and a second prize (6) was awarded to 17 candidates. Congratulations to the dancers and choreographers for this very beautiful artistic moment. _VX


1st Inter-Caribbean Prize with Congratulations from the Jury (scores of 18 to 20 out of 20)

– Compagnie Ö & CO in Other Styles Category 4 – solo: PRINCE Dashaun

With 3 favorites from the jury and a dance course offered in ROYAN

– Company Ö & CO in Contemporary Category 4- Group: LAKE Lya-Sofyïah / PRINCE Dashaunn / GATA Johanna / DELAPIERRE Anaelle

Selected at the entrance audition to the major American schools on February 20 in Guadeloupe for the 4 candidates


1st inter-Caribbean prize unanimously (score 17 out of 20)


– TEMPSDansES School in Classical category 3 – Duo: Lou VARLET and Lucie CORBINIEN

– Compagnie Ö & CO in Contemporary Category 4- solo: LAKE Lia-Sofyïa

– Compagnie Cie Ö & CO in Contemporary Preparatory Category – duo: Elise JALON & Lila-Rose LEROUX

– Compagnie Ö & CO in Contemporary Category 2 – group: Yaleen DULORMNE/ Lilou COULOS / Hisaé ROSSO/ Charlie GOMBIS

– National Institute of Arts in JAZZ Category 2 – solo: Shilloh BEDMINISTER

Internship offered in ROYAN


1st Inter-Caribbean Prize (16 out of 20)

– Time Dances in classical preparatory classical category - group: Auriane MAILLARD / Taissa FRANÇOIS / Paloma MARAGNE

-Classical dance time superior category 1- solo: Charlie GOMBIS

– Time Dances in classical elementary category 1- solo: Shee'raelle DAVID

-National Institute of Arts in Other Style category 1 – group: Lya HENNIQUE/ Nyah KALMERA/Mila GRANDTNER/Amalia RODRIGUEZ

– National Institute of Arts in Other Style category 2- Duo: Florianthe BOASMAN: Shiloh BEDMINISTER


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