CULTURE: Exhibition and debate on body-shaming


Cameron Hyman, a Saint-Martin photographer whose talent continues to be praised, joined forces for an evening with his sister Zoya, therapist and representative of "Therapist Talks", to offer an exhibition of photographs and a discussion open to different themes such as body-shaming (criticism of the physique), body dysmorphia, self-esteem, pressure from social networks and society's standards of beauty. 

Organized at the Indisu Dance Theater in Cole Bay, the evening entitled “Isn't she enough?” therefore addressed themes of capital importance in a period when the image of the body and the perceptions of others represent a psychological pressure for all generations. Six photographs taken by Cameron Hyman were exhibited, six photographs representing the bodies of women of different morphology, in the most total normality. As a photographer, Cameron shared his vision of the human body, his benevolent way of working with his models and his desire to change mentalities on the standards of beauty dictated by the criteria of fashion and society. 

“The concept of ugliness has no place. No one should call someone ugly. If you can find someone ugly, I can find him beautiful. It's a matter of type, not ugliness. Zoya, a forensic mental health counselor, supports her brother's point. “I struggled with my image and my body for over 20 years. I decided to banish the word ugliness from my vocabulary. Nothing and no one is ugly because ugliness is a subjective concept based on one's physical preferences. Zoya Hyman recounted the fight she led with herself to come to love herself as she is, with the body she has, and above all, not to be discouraged in the face of criticism or remarks from others who engender a feeling of shame towards oneself. The thirty people present at the exhibition and the debate listened to the young woman confide in all humility, with humor and great emotion. Some testimonials from participants fueled the open discussion, discussing the culture of beauty or even the shackles of today's society where the impact of social networks can have serious consequences on self-esteem. One of the participants had these words of great wisdom: “No matter what happens, no matter what people say, you have to love yourself, accept yourself as you are, be kind to yourself and others. Because if you don't have anything nice to say, shut up. » This first edition of « Isn't she enough? left the audience of women and men of all ages feeling listened to, recognized, supported and understood. Let's hope that this great initiative by Cameron and Zoya Hyman will soon be renewed so that the concept of beauty continues to evolve in the collective consciousness. _VX


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