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On August 26, a very tall lady celebrated her 100th birthday. Her name is Katherine Johnson and she is one of the pioneers in the conquest of space.

Katherine Johnson is a pioneer in many ways. She was born on August 26, 1918 in West Virginia and very quickly she demonstrated special talents with numbers. Mathematics is his hobby and his family does everything to allow him to follow his path. She graduated at 14 and went to study science under the guidance of brilliant African-American researchers. At one point, it was even necessary to adapt the courses for her! And then comes the teaching. Despite the beauty of the discipline, it does not seem to flourish completely outside the world of research. From 1953, she joined a team of African-American mathematicians recruited from among teachers in public establishments. This group is none other than the West Area Computers, a human calculator at the Langley research center of NACA, the beginnings of NASA. As soon as NASA was created, it was reassigned to the research center. During her career, she made a very significant contribution to NASA's aeronautical and space programs through her calculations of trajectories, launch windows, emergency plan for Mercury program flights. She also participated in the Apollo 11 mission. As we said at the beginning of this article, Katherine Johnson is an exceptional woman in many ways. First, it is a scientist who participated in the genesis of the conquest of space. Just that should be enough but it is cumulative! As you can see, she's an African-American woman, two big problems at the time when you have a passion for space. So here we are facing a black female scientist who was so brilliant that she transcended sex and color to be herself. Sometimes exceptions serve to prove the rule, but other times they serve to remind us that anything is possible even if it's hard to believe it. The editors of Faxinfo strongly advise you to get the film which traces the extraordinary adventure of these “Shadow Figures” who have contributed to History with a beautiful capital letter. To see in family for the general culture, the emotion but also a nice slice of humor! _NB 

Movie title in your country: Shadow Figures

Director: Theodore Melfi

Casting (not exhaustive): Taraji P. Henson; Octavia Spencer; Janelle Monae; Kevin Costner; Jim Parsons; Kirsten Dunst…

Release Date: March 8, 2017

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