CULTURE: The former commander of the PAF releases his 2nd thriller


Interview with Pascal Drampe who leaves Insoutenable inheritance. His books are available from Bod editions and will be distributed in bookstores in Saint-Martin at the end of the year.

You have just published your third book in just over a year. Writing seems to have become a real (and new) passion ...

I must admit that at the beginning of writing my testimony, Cop, a job that kills ... published by Nestor in April 2019,  my only objective was to show my profession from a different angle by delivering behind the scenes. And then, the pleasure of writing and the discovery of this passion were born. I was able to see, through the many feedback from readers, that the feather represented a real weapon. Writing is the possibility of leaving a trace of one's passage, of passing on messages.

Unbearable legacy, your third book is the second part of the Blanco series. If the first was inspired by real events, this new volume tells a fiction. How did you get this story?

Blanco 1, “unsuspected revenge” was the corollary of a request from the readers of my first manuscript. They wanted more details than I could convey to them in a testimony but which I could produce in a thriller.

Unlike Blanco 2 “unbearable heritage” which at the beginning is a pure invention, to finally stick incredibly to reality. I surprised myself, the more my manuscript evolved. I can tell you that I have felt chills more than once. Yet, I have seen others in my tumultuous career.

This intrigue came to me by chance, during a discussion with a friend, Harry Verschueren, who told me that he had been impressed, in the early 70s, by a visit to the former prison for women in the Petite Roquette in Paris. He had lived this experience thanks to Doctor Georges Fully, the Inspector General of the Penitentiary Administration, tragically assassinated in 1973, the year of the closure of this establishment. Moreover, this parcel bomb attack has never been elucidated ... I decided, from this element of language, to write a thriller based solely on fiction. But then, that it was not my surprise, after the framework of the manuscript, to note that the reality seemed to exceed the fiction.

Is Blanco's next installment already being written?

You know, writing a book is the most enjoyable part for an author. But there is the promotion aspect of the book which is the most restrictive and the most embarrassing, because you have to sell yourself. Unless you are published by a large publishing house, you have to do all the work yourself, finding bookstores for dedications, media support, big personal investment. Small publishing houses have little or no capacity to market as they should. So for the next few months, I'm going to promote the book in mainland France before undertaking the one in the Antilles-Guyana, like last year.

Do you have other projects?

I must also honor a few meetings in Paris to propose my film scenario "Fatal Destiny", inspired by real events, which traces the parallel journeys of the ex-public enemy number 1 of the West Indian arc, Patrick Thimalon and the mine, since our last duel and our last shootout were fatal to him.

I felt the need to write this film because through our eyes, just before the shots started, and as I accompanied him on the road to death, I felt, deep within me , this amazing feeling of being confronted with my fellow man, even if it was in the other camp. I know that he committed criminal acts but I also know to have dealt with a combative and dignified man in the face of death.

I also wrote a soap opera in eight episodes which should be titled “Blanco, iconoclaste”, it is also an ongoing project.

As soon as I returned to Saint-Martin, I would write Blanco 3 “Implacable justice”. I have the thriller in mind, all I have to do now is write it down… Blanco 4 is already taking shape.


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