Culture: The novel “Décrochage” plants its history between Montserrat and Saint-Barth


“Décrochage” tells of the wanderings in the sky of a group of people who were burnt during a volcano eruption in Montserrat. They think they will find their paradise of Saint-Barth in half an hour, when they will never land there.

At the controls of an electric business plane, is a young woman pilot, stressed, with strange behavior, Léa Desanges. It misses its first landing in Saint-Barth, and then wanders in the skies of the Caribbean, while a stormy depression rises, and that on the ground we lose track of the plane.

Here is the story of the novel that Anne Reale, writer, and Thierry Vigoureux, journalist at Le Point and private pilot, co-wrote.

Both have long followed the adventurers of the ocean and the sky by sailboat or plane. Thierry Vigoureux, who has 2700 hours of flight time, has often flown small planes between the Caribbean islands, including the delicate Saint Barth runway.

The authors drew the foundations of this thriller from their experiences. They were also inspired by the latest discoveries from aeronautical laboratories: solar electric aircraft, stealth drones. Underlying the novel is the trauma of the terrifying suicide of the Germanwings co-pilot in 2015, as well as the Harvard study showing that 12,6% of airline pilots experienced a depressive episode and that 4% had suicidal thoughts.

The book (250 pages) was released in bookstores on July 11 at JPO editions.


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