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As part of World Poetry Day on March 21, the Libraries Documentary Centers (BCD) in collaboration with the extracurricular organized a poetry contest with the children of large section of nursery and elementary schools this Wednesday, March 22 on the Marigot Seafront.

Through this action carried out by Hélène Hanson, coordinator of the BCDs, and Christine Bosqui of the education department, the desire was to highlight learning and the enhancement of the territory through poetic expression which often reveals itself as a powerful catalyst for dialogue and peace. The creation of the work proposed during the competition had to follow the theme "the island of Saint-Martin" and be done in collaboration with a teacher, the agent of the BCD and the pupil who represented his school. The latter was also free to present a slam (oral, urban poetry, declaimed to a chanted rhythm). The jury responsible for designating the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes as well as the "coup de coeur" prize was made up of Josélyne Arnell, from the national education inspectorate, Alex Dollin, a former English speaker and the Department of Cultural Action, and Léon Noël, poet and agent of the education and higher education department of the Collectivity. After the interpretation of the hymn of Saint-Martin by Elyanne Camus prepared by Natisha Hanson, the apprentice poets in the category of nursery schools launched themselves: Naïka Badeau Nogus (school Evelina Halley), with her poetry entitled "St Martin" , Dahia Clément (Grande Section 1 at Jérôme Beaupère school) with a work called "Mon île de Saint-Martin", Laure Perchez (Grande Section 1 at Ghyslaine Rogers school) and her poem "Notre île" and finally, Athélia , Lenny and Aïsha from the Siméone Trott school, who presented “My living island / my beloved island”. The young participants from elementary schools were numerous to compete: Widmila (CM1 Emile Choisy school) "My beautiful island St Martin", Carla Bourdière Majia (CM2 Omer Arrondell school) "St Martin my darling island", Zélana Rachel (CM1 Marie Amélie school Leydet) "the dream island", Meosha Helligar (CM1 Elie Gibs school) "the beauty of Saint-Martin", Terry Larose (CM2A Aline Hanson school) "Saint-Martin the island of seven wonders", Jessica Marks, Romeika Piper and Ammique Walters Demming from the Marie-Antoinette Richards school “Saint-Martin my summer love”, Kalisha Gustave (CM2 Clair St Maximim school) “Caribbean Island”, and finally, Luigi Losi (CM2022 Hervé Williams school), winner of the poetry contest of the year XNUMX, "a pearl and a diamond". After the performance of each budding poet, the dances of the students of the Omer Arrondell and Hervé Williams schools allowed the jury to relax before the deliberations. Before revealing the results, congratulations to the apprentice poets and the organizing team for this magnificent cultural event! _VX


Here are the results of the 2023 poetry contest:


Kindergarten Category:

• 1st prize : Simeone Trott School

Poem: "My beloved island"

• 2nd prize: Jerome Beaupere School

Poem: “My island of Saint-Martin”

• 3nd prize: Evelina Halley School

Poem: “Saint-Martin”

• “Favorite” prize: Ghyslaine Rogers School

Poem: “Our Island”


Elementary School Category:

• 1st prize : Marie Antoinette Richards School

Poem: “Saint-Martin my summer love”

• 2nd prize: Herve Williams School

Poem: “A pearl and a diamond”

• 3nd prize: Omer Arrondel School

Poem: “Saint-Martin, my dear island”

• “Favourite” prize: Aline Hanson School

Poem: "Saint-Martin the island of seven wonders"

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