CYCLING / 1st Eunice Unique Bokit Grand Prix: a spectacular day of cycling


The Seafront near the Tourist Office was the scene of a memorable cycling competition last weekend during the very first Eunice Unique Bokit Grand Prix.

Under the spotlights, the different categories, from U7 to U15, ignited the track with intense and thrilling races that captivated the public throughout the morning. The event enjoyed unprecedented popularity, attracting large crowds to support the island's young cycling talents. The atmosphere was electric, fueled by a passionate host who knew how to create a festive and dynamic atmosphere.

Madam Eunice, the generous hostess of this event, offered snacks and bokits to the participants, adding a warm touch to this day of fierce competition. His gratitude also goes to all the sponsors who made this event possible: The community of Saint-Martin, the Saint-Martin Cycling Committee, the VCSG (Sandy Ground Cycling Club), Mad Design, Sound-Masters, Trisport, Early Bird, La JCC (Jeunesse Cycliste de Capesterre), RMC Cycles, Bibou, Expression Auto-École, Ribs Shack.

This event, supported by a supportive community and dedicated sponsors, demonstrated the vitality and passion for cycling in Saint-Martin. Congratulations to all participants, organizers and partners for this exceptional day which will remain engraved in the cycling memories of the island.

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