CYCLING: Grand Prix Cycliste de la Collectivity de Saint-Martin from 7 to 10 September


Under the Caribbean sun, the Grand Prix Cycliste de la Collectivité de Saint-Martin is preparing to set the island's roads alight from September 7 to 10, 2023. This major sporting event attracts cycling enthusiasts from all over the world every year. around the world to admire the exploits of the runners and discover the magnificent landscapes of Saint-Martin.

Thursday 7 September: Opening ceremony

The inauguration of the big event will be dedicated to the presentation of the teams as well as the meeting of the sports directors.

Friday, September 8: The electrifying prologue on the RN7

The kick-off will be given on Friday September 8 with the 2,5 km prologue on the RN7 of Grand-Case. From 15 p.m., the riders will set off at full speed to achieve the best time on this short but intense stage. Cycling enthusiasts will have the opportunity to cheer on their favorite athletes along the route, in an electric atmosphere.

Saturday September 9: A day of challenges in Marigot

Saturday, September 9 will be marked by two distinct stages. From 8 am, the runners will set off from Marigot for a demanding course: five laps of the lagoon, with an arrival at Sandy Ground, ie 95 km. This first part of the day will test their endurance and technique.

The afternoon will be just as captivating, with a 14 p.m. departure from Marigot. The cyclists will head towards Quartier d'Orléans, before cycling the Quartier d'Orléans – La Savane circuit four times, ie 71,5 km. This winding circuit will highlight the climbing and descending qualities of the riders, promising a thrilling sporting spectacle.

Sunday September 10: The Grand Final around the island of Saint-Martin/Sint-Maarten

The last stage of the Grand Prix Cycliste de la Collectivité de Saint-Martin will take place on Sunday 10 September. From 8 am, the runners will start in Marigot for three laps of the island of Saint-Martin/Sint-Maarten. The breathtaking scenery will serve as the backdrop for this ultimate battle for victory.

The finish will take place at the Vanterpool stadium in Marigot, where cyclists compete for the last few meters in an atmosphere of suspense. Spectators will have the opportunity to vibrate to the rhythm of the final sprints and to encourage the athletes who will give their all throughout this intense competition.

Call for caution and respect for runners

During these three days of competition, we call on motorists to show caution and respect towards the riders and the caravan of the Grand Prix Cycliste de la Collectivité de Saint-Martin. The roads will be shared between vehicles and cyclists, and it is essential to guarantee the safety of all. Please follow the instructions of local authorities and observe the temporary traffic rules put in place to facilitate the smooth running of the event.

The Grand Prix Cycliste de la Collectivité de Saint-Martin promises moments of sport and intense emotion, as well as the opportunity to discover the natural beauty of the island. Don't miss this opportunity to support the riders and celebrate cycling under the Caribbean sun!

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