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Ordinary general meeting of the VCG 

The ordinary general assembly took place last Sunday at the club house of the club, in the presence of the Prefect, Anne Laubies, the president of the club, Saint Elmo Arnell, its members and the runners who distinguished themselves during the year, Ludovic Turpin and Jayson Rousseau.

The opening of the session brings a reminder of the convincing results of the VCG, in particular the Grand Prix Nagico, the Grand Prix of the Departmental Council, The victory in the championship of Guadeloupe seniors and the yellow jersey tunic at the Tour International de Guadeloupe.

After having listed the good sports results, the 2014 financial report was presented to the general assembly and approved unanimously.

Before concluding, the president did not hide his wish to wear the colors of the VCG in the next round of Guadeloupe with a certain Ludovic Turpin, surrounded by his team.  _AF


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