Cycling: International Tour of Guadeloupe The VCG is always thirsty for victories!


No prologue at Pointe-à-Pitre this year, it will be on the Gourde de Liane velodrome, located in Baie-Mahault. The riders will have to do five laps.

This is indeed one of the notorious changes to the 2018 Guadeloupe cycling tour, desired by the committee officials.

This 68th edition will take place from Friday August 3 to Sunday August 12. The classification does not change: 2.2 at the International Cycling Union. We will have to travel 1 km 313 to find the winner of the 200 Tour, considered the flagship sporting event of the year in Guadeloupe, and undoubtedly the most popular!

It remains to be seen now who will succeed Sébastien Fournet-Fayard (Team Pro Immo Nicolas Roux). And why not a member of the Vélo-Club de Grand-Case? President Saint-Elmo Arnell, alias “Moté” and his staff communicated last week the list of the six riders selected for this new edition.

And the least we can say is that the Turpin, Rousseau, Parra, Guerrero and others intend to compete with the big peloton teams. History to show that the VCG is still there, there! _AF

Composition of the VCG team: Allan Peramin, Olivier Curier, Ludovic Turpin, Ever Rivera Guerrero, Hernan Parra, Jayson Rousseau

The VCG thanks its sponsors:

Semsamar, Dauphin Telecom, Collectivité de SxM, Préfecture de SXM et SB, PR Communication, Senarex, Aigle Batiment, Nagico, Assurances Tackling, Sandys Too, la Source Guest House, Franck Auto Plus, ISA Shipping, Jopolo, CTA Charpente, l ' Etoile Gourmande, NE DEPANN ', Boulangerie & Patisserie Gabriel, Vélo Passion Caraibes, LET'S, Yag Consult.


The 2018 Tour program:

Friday August 3, 2018.

1 km prologue, 18 p.m. at the Velodrome on the track.

Saturday, August 4

1st stage 163km, PAP-Le Moule

Sunday, August 5

2nd stage in 2 sections:

1st section: 106 km, Moule-Basse-Terre.

2nd section; Against the 6km individual watch, Basse-Terre- Gourbeyre.

Monday August 6

3rd stage 155km, Gourbeyre-Goyave.

Tuesday August 7

4th stage 155km, Goyave-Pointe-Noire.

Wednesday, August 8

5th stage 155km, Abymes-Abymes.

Thursday, August 9

6th stage 160km, Abymes-Vieux-Habitants.

Friday, August 10

7th stage 155km, Vieux-Habitants-Petit- Canal.

Saturday, August 11

8th stage in two sections:

1st section 102km, Petit-Canal-Baie-Mahault.

2nd CLMI section, 19km500, Baie-Mahault-Baie- Mahault.

Sunday, August 12

Last stage 140km Baie-Mahault-Capesterre Belle-Eau (arrival Allée Dumanoir).

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