Daniel Gibbs traveling to Paris to defend the interests of Saint-Martin businesses


The president of the Collectivity, Daniel Gibbs takes stock of his trip to Paris last week.

“While traveling in Paris last week, I defended the interests of businesses with the Elysée, the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Labor. The proposals made this morning to businesses in Saint-Martin are inappropriate and do not conform to the content of the interviews I was able to conduct in Paris.

Well aware of the urgency, I will not give up. I will go to Paris again next week: I have indeed obtained a seat on the next Interministerial Committee for the Reconstruction of Saint-Martin. I am determined to reiterate firmly my request for reimbursement, by the State, to companies of all of the compensation paid to employees in partial activity; and this for at least 4 months. I have been asking for this exceptional device for several weeks, taking into account the pressing cash needs of our economic players. It is the only solution so that the vast majority of our businesses are not obliged to file for bankruptcy, thus avoiding mass unemployment.

The President of the Republic announced here, on September 12, his desire to “shake up the rules” for the reconstruction of Saint-Martin; I have no doubt that this commitment will be kept for the rapid recovery of our economy ”.

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