Daniel Gibbs will present his Phoenix plan on Monday


The president of the Community announced at a conference on October 14, 2017 that he had developed, after Irma's visit, a recovery plan called Phoenix. 

He had revealed the main lines and had indicated that he would expose the plan at the time of a territorial council, which he did not do. It is finally next Monday that he will present it to the press during the vows ceremony.

The Phoenix plan has four components. "The first the reconstruction, the second the economic recovery, the third the success of our children and young people, the fourth the support of Saint-Martinois", had listed Daniel Gibbs on October 14. “The Phoenix Plan is much more than a reconstruction project. It is a plan to rebuild a society that knows how to be reborn from chaos, ”he conceives.

With regard to reconstruction, the president had announced certain measures such as the modification of the town planning code and the authorization to stay the authorization of town planning authorizations within the framework of certain projects while waiting to refine knowledge post-Irma risks; measures that are already in place. “We have to think about the redevelopment of sectors, notably Sandy Ground, Quartier d'Orléans without forgetting Grand Case. I am determined to guarantee the safety of my population, it will not go out of my mind, "he said. It remains to be seen whether the president will give more details on reconstruction standards on Monday. "Reconstruction is authorized, but in risk areas, it will be studied on a case-by-case basis," he said.

On the other hand, he will present his development projects for Grand Marigot and Grand Case, which were included in his electoral program.

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