Dance: Full box for "Temps danses Académie"!


Regional competition

The least we can say is that the dancers of “Temps Danses Académie” shone during the regional competition of the 2016 dance confederation organized in Saint Barthélemy. Thanks to their brilliant results, the young champions will compete in the national competition in Dijon from May 4 to 7. _AF


The results :

• Preparatory 2 classic compulsory: 

1st regional prize: Mathilde Martin

1st regional prize: Nayah Deparis

1st national prize: Jade Dubuisson

1st national prize unanimously: Ysee Soubeste


• Classical elementary 1 required:

1st regional prize: Ilse Roosens

1st national prize unanimously: Uma-Tara Mongellaz


• Duo other free style category 1:

1st national prize unanimously: Ysée soubeste and Carla Guerreiro


• Free contemporary duo category 1:

1st national prize unanimously: Ilse Roosens and Alice Secher


• Contemporary duo

free category 3: 

1st national prize unanimously: Alizée Leman and Lucie Corbinien

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