The right won an historic victory yesterday by obtaining between 64 and 74 departments. The PS only gets about thirty and the FN none but has had a hundred of its candidates elected, according to estimates given by the metropolis last night.

The two stakes of the ballot which particularly affect Saint Martin across the Atlantic are the rise of the National Front and the tri-polarization of the ballot which results from it.

The departmental elections confirm that the FN now occupies 1/3 of the political field, which will have to be taken into account during the presidential elections in 2017 for which the Saint-Martinois will have to speak.

Because if we examine the FN's program for the Overseas Territories, we see that it largely calls into question the referendum of 2007 since this referendum, by which Saint-Martin obtained its new status of Overseas Collectivity. Mer, appears in the “institutional drift” part of the program. The scope of the FN's success is therefore not to be overlooked, even at a distance of 7500 km ...


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