Beginning today of the 32nd edition of the press and media week at the School


From Monday 22 to Saturday 27 March, the 32th edition of the press and media week at the School is intended to be a highlight in the world of education in Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin!

Innovative, informative and unifying, the national week of the press and the media at the School has already mobilized all the professionals of the media world in the school environment. The players in the written press and the local audio-visual press have accepted an extraordinary partnership with national education and have been traveling through schools, colleges and high schools since February.

Introducing journalistic writing, opening up professional spaces, training in speaking and / or viewpoint, presenting his professional career and his profession, as well as creating radio and television broadcasts are just as many axes promoting lively educational approaches by specialists in a world of communication where responsibility and citizenship go hand in hand with knowledge.

"Get informed to better understand the world", the theme chosen this year is sufficiently broad and attractive to achieve a general objective such as "Knowing how the media world works and the information construction processes in order to be informed in a responsible and critical manner". But, our partners have decided to go even further! If the pupils are too frequently untrained “journalists” or “reporters”, devoting themselves to the propagation of news or images which are often devastating or fueling fake news, they ardently wish to arouse vocations and will extend the partnership to the- beyond the week dedicated to the press and the media at the School. The teachers and librarian professors are strongly committed giving their students the opportunity to invest in contextualized roles: televised debates, live or pre-recorded broadcasts, jingle competitions, interviews, presentation of news flash, writing of articles on various subjects and in various languages, participation in the closing of a newspaper, creation of a digital magazine… Young and old alike will flood the airwaves, screens and columns of newspapers!

Le Pélican, Soualiga Post, 97150, Fax Info, The Herald, St Martin's Week, Guadeloupe la 1ère, Youth Radio, SOS Radio, Radio Saint-Martin, Radio Scolaire SXM and IO TV are all partners of national education. determined to leave an imprint not only technical but also and above all ethical. Once is not custom ! Gathered around the same table, not to hold a press conference, but to engage collectively for an educational cause, they did not fail to underline the relevance of such a partnership which instills another dimension in their professions. respective. In the name of national education, the vice-rector will not fail to thank them in turn.

In the meantime, do not miss this week of the press and the media at the School, apotheosis of collaborative, ambitious and constructive work and take on the role of listeners, viewers or readers (thanks to Evelyne FLEMING, responsible for mission to the vice-rector of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin)

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