Fire begins at Caribbean Cinemas Megaplex in Cole Bay, the Philipsburg landfill once again engulfed in flames!


Many firefighters were mobilized last Saturday on the Dutch side for two fires that broke out suddenly behind the building of the Caribbean Cinemas Megaplex and again and again at the Philipsburg landfill!

The least we can say is that the firefighters of Sint-Maarten were not unemployed the day before last night! The latter were first called by many people seeing the Philipsburg landfill once again plagued by flames. As a precaution, the local authorities recommended that residents return to their homes before very toxic fumes spread in the air. Did you say disturbing?

Defective electrical installations…

At the same time, or almost, a second fire broke out at the Megaplex cinema in Cole Bay.

According to our information, faulty electrical cables located in buildings under construction behind the Megaplex were the cause of the incident. As a safety measure, the building was immediately evacuated. No one was injured.

At the end of the afternoon yesterday, we learned that the Caribbean Cinemas Megaplex had reopened its doors to the public. Great news! _AF


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