Death of a baby: the management of LC Fleming hospital specifies the conditions of medical care


The management of the establishment is joining forces with the hospital community in order to send all its support to the parents and relatives of the parturient (woman about to give birth, editor's note) who presented herself at the hospital last Friday, she said in a press release.

“As soon as she was admitted, medical complications were detected which led to an emergency intervention and the medical evacuation of her baby to the neonatal service in Guadeloupe. Despite all the efforts made, the child did not survive. Faced with this ordeal, the management and the hospital community send their most sincere condolences to the family and express their full support.

The Louis Constant Fleming hospital deplores, however, that poorly sourced rumors point to the control system of the health pass at the entrance of the establishment. At this stage, and without prejudging the exhaustive investigations which have already started, it is already established that the parturient has not been subjected to a test, which is never required in this case. On the contrary, faced with the mother's suffering, the reception team (security guard and nurse) of the establishment proceeded to enter the patient's building as a priority. The establishment reminds that the control of the sanitary pass does not apply in an emergency. The establishment remains attentive to attempts to recover from this event, and will not fail to react to any form of inappropriate and irregular questioning of which it is the object. For the time being, it is above all towards parents and family that our thoughts are going ”.

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