Dengue: Stagnant water in the gullies promotes the proliferation of mosquitoes!


The gullies are privileged areas for the proliferation of mosquitoes and, in urban areas, the neighboring populations are sometimes particularly exposed to mosquito bites. This is the case in Concordia, in the Colombe sector, where rainwater tends to stagnate too much in the gullies. A cleaning operation would be welcome ...

As a reminder, about forty clinically suggestive cases of dengue fever have been identified every week in Saint-Martin since the beginning of September, indicates Public Health France. The observed dynamic has remained relatively stable since mid-July with nevertheless high values.

After three emergency visits for suspected dengue fever reported, one passage was recorded last week. Dengue activity in the hospital has remained low since the start of the school year, with less than three visits per week on average.

Since the start of the epidemic in January, 121 emergency room visits for suspected dengue fever have been recorded, of which 29 (24%) were followed by hospitalization. Nearly 2 clinical cases suggestive of dengue fever were recorded as well as one death in February.  _AF

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