Leaving on vacation: A PCR and antigen testing center in Orly


While many families are preparing to travel for the end of year celebrations and in particular to the West Indies, two Covid-19 test centers have been set up from Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports. To do this, Paris Aéroport has joined forces with the Cerballiance laboratory.

“With this partnership, departing passengers can make an appointment online for Paris-CDG airport and for Paris-Orly airport on the doctolib.fr site in a laboratory of the Cerballiance network or in a screening center in airport. Passengers will be guaranteed to obtain a result (in French and English) within 48 hours for an RT-PCR test and within 1 to 2 hours maximum for an antigen test ”, indicates Paris Aéroport, on its website.

But to specify immediately: "to take his plane in all serenity, the recommendation remains to come as far as possible to the airport while being already in possession of his RT-PCR or antigen test carried out in a laboratory in town". _AF


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