TRAVEL: Angèle Dormoy presents at the CMA France General Assembly


After having met respectively the Minister Delegate in charge of Overseas Territories, Philippe Vigier and the president of the Central Pricing Bureau (BCT), the president of the CCISM, Angèle Dormoy attended the general assembly of the Chamber of Trades and the 'Artisanat (CMA) which was held in Paris.

The president of the CCISM participated last week in the General Assembly of CMA France (Chamber of Trades and Crafts) and COIREMA (Interregional Conference of Overseas Trades and Crafts), during which discussed the foundations of apprenticeship and the budgetary challenges facing the chambers of trades.

The reduction in public resources and the increase in operating costs represent a worrying situation, given that the sector's assets play an essential role in the craft and apprenticeship sector. The President reassured the concerns of her peers regarding the evolution of the financing of the Consular Chambers which is moving towards conditioned financing, recalling that the CCISM model is already based on this permanent pooling of a single framework for various activities. “Through each meeting and each trip, we weave the links of a shared vision for the development of our territory. This trip to mainland France highlights the importance of close collaboration with our institutional partners. We are deploying our network nationally, a strategic approach aimed at optimizing local development and strengthening the voice of Saint-Martin in national authorities,” underlines Angèle Dormoy, president of the CCISM. _AF

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