Travel: President Louis Mussington meets his counterpart in Saint-Barthélemy, Xavier Lédée


President Louis Mussington made the trip yesterday to Saint-Barthélemy, accompanied by his two vice-presidents, Frantz Gumbs, in charge of the Living Environment and Michel Petit, in charge of Social Affairs. 

The objective of this first trip to Saint-Barthélemy was to meet the new President Xavier Lédée and his team in order to discuss joint subjects for the two territories. 

Among the topics discussed, issues related to health, the hospital and the EHPAD, were addressed, as well as the need to strengthen staffing needs in the field of education. The elected officials also discussed the necessary development of the statistical tool and the organic law which governs the two territories. 

Through this trip, President Louis Mussington and his executive wish to strengthen ties with their counterparts on neighboring islands. 

A first trip to meet the Prime Minister of Anguilla was organized on April 17, and following the trip to Saint-Barthélemy, the President will receive a delegation from the Sint Maarten executive on May 5.


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