News from the Samu social de Saint-Martin


The Samu social de Saint-Martin, set up by the French Red Cross at the request of the Prefect Philippe Chopin has just been inaugurated in the presence of the Prefect of Saint-Martin, Anne Laubies. 

In accordance with its new slogan “Wherever you need us” the Red Cross, present for many years in Saint-Martin thanks to dozens of volunteers, has just created its first establishment on the island. We must not forget that this work has been preceded by marauding by volunteers since 2007. This presence of volunteers continues one evening every three weeks in Marigot. The State - Community co-financing made it possible to hire two first mediators, Amédé and Sinius, whom you can see during the day going to meet the most deprived people: people living on the street, in squats or in unsanitary housing without water. no electricity, in Marigot as well as in Sandy-Ground or Quartier d'Orléans. To end this first editorial, I give the floor to a man on the street for more than 20 years, Jean-Marie ROUGHOL who wrote a book with Jean-Louis DEBRE, “Je tape la manche” published in October 2015: “We are often very alone in the street, alone in front of others, not always friendly pilgrims, alone in front of all those who populate the sidewalks, the homeless, crazy, provocateurs, junkies… Even if we have friends, we are alone. So the coming of these volunteers who come to speak with us, just to ask us if it's okay, if we need something, it's very comforting. They know how to be there when they need to. "

Pascal Courbet, responsible for Saint Martin

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